IKIF (Tuesday)

July 21, 2009

The audience loved Lucille Chung at six. She played a mysterious Bizet transcription of the Saint-Sans G-minor concerto. It’s not even listed in Dubal’s book.

Phillipe Entremont played four Chopin Ballades. The audience applauded after each piece. Sometimes the audience lets the pianist play all four, getting the cumulative impact before applauding. Its just one of those things.

Entremont shined in the Schubert B-flat Sonata, fulfilling the heavenly potential of the piece: I first heard the B-flat at Rudolf Serkin’s 75th Birthday Concert tour, in Boston. I literally glowed for three days afterwards. My roommate found a painting of a barefoot nymph dancing in the forest at a thrift shop and put it up in our living room. He was always pushing me to try a hallucinogenic he called ‘MDA.’ He also didn’t like fine arts music and always complained and criticized. Anyway, he pointed to the wood nymph and told me ‘that’s how I feel when I do MDA.’ I countered ‘that’s how I feel when I listen to Schubert.’ That was the end of that — on both counts.

There I was again on Tuesday with Entremont. Erika also described herself as “in heaven.”


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